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Slay Ride Drift Event 12/19 & 12/20
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Here we go! One last time for the shit show that is 2020! PLEASE READ ALL INFO BELOW.

~This is a 2 day event with 1 day passes available
~It will be $100 for both days or $60 for one day
~Registration will be open at 12 pm Saturday 12/12
~Registration will be capped at 100 drivers for 2 day and 25 each for single days
~Masks are required at all times if you are not driving
~We are asking drivers to limit the amount of people they bring with them to 2 people
~Camping overnight is permitted on Saturday night
~No trucks/trailers or spectator cars in the pit area
~No sharing of helmets, and we discourage all ride alongs if it is not someone in your household
~If you feel sick, STAY THE FUCK HOME. We will gladly refund you if you cannot make it due to keeping other people safe.

We know this year has been a mess. Between events nationwide being cancelled, and everyone's own experience with the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to be able to give y'all a small bit of respite. We have been very adamant about social distancing, facial coverings and other COVID precautions, and it has worked well, so please adhere to the above guidelines to keep other CLTX members and their families safe.

We fully anticipate this event to sell out the day of registration, so please don't wait if you really want to drive and your car is ready. Please keep only cars in the pit area, and park trucks/trailers and support/spectator vehicles in the grass.

Make sure you read the rulebook on to ensure your car will pass tech and you understand how the different run groups work.

Ensure you attend drivers meeting or you will pay extra that day at the gate. No exceptions.

Schedule is as follows:
12 pm Gates open
1:30 Drivers meeting
2:00 Track goes hot
10:00 Track goes cold
Gates will be open throughout the night for people to come and go as need be

9 am Drivers meeting
9:30 Track goes hot
4 pm Track goes cold
Clean up and shut down

More info like track layout and registration reminders will be posted as we approach the event. Let's party, let's have fun, and let's stay healthy!

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